HARRISBURG (CBS) – Ed Rendell spends his last full day as governor of Pennsylvania on Monday, but as impossible as it may seem, we could be seeing even more of him after leaving office.

Governor Rendell, already a favorite of TV talking head shows, is angling for a paying gig as a news contributor. One of the things that may make him attractive is his candor and willingness to direct criticism at his own side of the aisle. That was evident last week when he said the reaction to the shootings in Arizona, “Absolutely epitomizes what’s wrong with our political system today.”

Rendell cited members of his own party placing blame without knowing the facts. “To blame the right, or to blame talk radio, or to blame Sarah Palin, I think was wrong. We jumped the gun,” Rendell said.

He may still be popping up in your local media as well. The governor said he plans to keep quiet about his successor unless he’s attacked. “But for example, if someone stands up in the Corbett administration and says, ‘Governor Rendell left us this horrible deficit’ I’m going to come here, I’m going to have a press conference, I’m going to have it at the best restaurant in Harrisburg, I’m going to serve shrimp cocktail and filet mignon,” Rendell said.

In an interview last week, Governor-elect Corbett’s spokesman Kevin Harley said – you guessed it, “The Rendell administration has left this state in terrible financial shape.”

Bring on that surf and turf.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio


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