PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The new interim executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority heard from current and former workers pronto when he ordered them to return luxury, leather-trimmed duffel bags that they received from the fired former director Carl Greene.

In one day’s time, the PHA received 13 bags, and two checks totalling $644. Former employees are due to respond for the remainder of the snazzy duffel bags from Nordstrom, valued at upwards of $800 apiece – and apparently paid for by Greene with taxpayers’ money.

New boss Michael Kelly goes on to say he doesn’t want to guess on the Nordstrom return policy.

“We’ll do everything we possibly can to get the fair market value for those.”

But he concedes the PHA may have to resort to getting what it can on something like

“That could very well be what the next step is.”

The money will be returned to PHA’s general fund. Kelly also has a new ethics policy he wants staffers to know about.

“Employees may not accept gifts of any value, period.”

Training for all workers in recognizing and preventing sexual harassment begins next week.

“The intent is to develop a workplace that has a zero tolerance toward any kind of discrimination.”

When Greene was fired, he denied all of the sexual harassment allegations against him.

Reported by Steve Tawa, KYW Newsradio