By Nicole Brewer

First up, exciting news for Verizon wireless customers! If you’ve had your eye on the iPhone, your wait will soon be over!

In a press conference scheduled for Tuesday morning, the nation’s largest wireless carrier will announce plans to offer the iPhone by the end of January.

The move marks the end of AT&T’s exclusive contract with Apple. Word has it, the Verizon iPhone is similar to the iPhone 4, but may include additional pricing options for its customers.

Then, it’s a silly rumor that’s gained plenty of traction. But, contrary to internet reports, Facebook will not shut down on March 15th.

The world’s most popular social networking site confirmed that the rumors are false and they will “keep cranking away — like always.”

Facebook isn’t the only social media site turning heads this morning … Twitter is apparently a popular place to ring in the new year!

Twitter users in Japan set the new record for tweets per second in the moments following the new year. About seven thousand tweets were sent, nearly twice the previous record during last year’s World Cup.

 BLOG: Tech Wrap (January 10, 2011)

 BLOG: Tech Wrap (January 10, 2011)

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