PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Residents in West Philadelphia say their homes were damaged when the city attempted to attack instances of urban blight.

The after affects of a recent demolition project along the 5700 block of Chester Avenue are being felt by neighbors who say the city’s attempt at removing an eyesore has only created more problems.

Residents, who claim to called to complain about the property for years, were pleased when Philadelphia L & I deemed an abandoned building to be “eminently dangerous” and had it demolished.

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Resident Sandra Justice says she is happy her eyesore is gone, but now worries her property might be crumbling with it.

“My biggest fear is that I may have some problems myself with the bricks moving under my window or something cracking,” said Justice.

Philadelphia L&I says they have received Justice’s complaints, but say that all claims have to go through a risk management division. They claim Sandra was told that much, she tells a different story.

“I want them to come out here and fix my property,” said Sandra Justice, who says she was never told about a risk management company.

Down the block another property was removed after several complaints, however the neighboring resident has also complained to L&I about residual damage to her windows, sidewalks and fences.

Eyewitness News was told that Philadelphia’s License and Inspection offices receives nearly 20 complaints annually from homeowners who allege damage was done to their property after a dilapidated building has been taken down.

Responding to this report, L&I released the following statement:

“Formal claims allow the City to determine if there was damage prior to City demolition… In the case of these houses, no such claim has been made.”

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