PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you’re tired of having Christmas tree needles all over your floor… sweep them up and toss them in your garden – evergreen boughs and needles make good mulch. Or, use the needles inside your home – in bowls as air freshener, tucked into sachets, or to fill a pet bed.

Balsam fir trees and wreaths are particularly aromatic, and they drop their needles easily, so it’s simple to gather them – just put a big sheet under your tree as you take the decorations off and you’ll collect a lot right there. Stick a wreath in a big plastic bag, rub the branches and let the needles fall to the bottom.

Then, just pour the needles into zippered pillowcases to make a soft spot for your cat or dog. Since old pet beds often get smooshed down, adding a layer of fresh pine needles helps fill in the dips, making it more comfy for your quadrupeds to take a nap. Plus, Christmas tree needles make the room smell great – something you can’t always say about a doggie bed!

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio