PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some people are spending new year’s eve celebrating, because they’re getting married on that day.

A.J. Williams with the Omni Hotel, in Old City, says New Years Eve weddings are a growing trend in Philadelphia. “We probably turn away a wedding every year because we’re already filled with one.  It’s a very high-demand date.”

Bride-to-be, Nicole Weaver, says that date has special significance, “Steven and I actually kissed for the first time on New Year’s Eve, so it was kind of like a special time for us.”

(Kuznits) How many years ago was that?

(Weaver) “Six years ago.”

What is it about New Years that couples seem to like?

Williams says, “It’s a new beginning for the couple, it’s a new year, and I think it just gives them a great opportunity or even an excuse just to bring the whole family together and really celebrate two things at once.”

Weaver adds, “It’s definitely an incentive, the fact that we can have all of our family and friends in one big room celebratng us.”

Reported by Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio