PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s funny how fast decorations can go from festive to out of fashion…suddenly looking ‘so last week.’ But the greenery you decorated with red berries or ornaments for Christmas can still stay, just do what my sister does and dress it for New Year’s by switching to silver and gold balls, and in seconds you have a new centerpiece.

Renew a mantle display by tucking a few fresh flowers in amongst evergreen boughs – one bouquet of white tulips from the grocery store goes a long way – cut the stems short and use juice glasses as vases that’ll be hidden by the greens.

As the holidays come completely to a close, it’s still nice to keep some evergreens around, so swap out the shiny baubles altogether for natural ornaments like seedpods and pinecones instead. You can dip the tips of pinecones in white paint to look like snow – or in glue and a bit of white glitter if you’re feeling fancy – then nestle them on the mantle, or in a glass bowl with some greens, to keep a seasonal touch around the house for the rest of the winter.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio