By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There are fewer stranded travellers with each passing minute at Philadelphia International Airport, because nearly all flights arriving and taking off are on time. That’s in contrast to yesterday when 300 flights were canceled. Instead of people sleeping in the terminals, most are actually going places.

Steve Matthews of Maple Shade is on his way today. “I was supposed to leave yesterday morning, going to Hawaii.”

That didn’t happen, so Steve hung out at home. “Actually, I just chilled yesterday. Took it as a vacation day, really. Just sat around and did not much of anything.”

(Mike Denardo) “A vacation day in the snow instead of Hawaii.”

(Givens) “A little bit different, but a vacation day is still a vacation day.”

But things are much better today.

One Drexel student says he’s been here for 24 hours trying to get a flight home to California, “I’ve been travelling around, like, several times in my life, but this has never happened in my life, so it’s kind of sad.”

He says he’s been walking around the airport and doing things like playing with his iPod to while away the time.

Brian Givens of Denver says he’s trying to get home, if he can, “We were going to fly out two days ago, but obviously we weren’t going to get out. It’s just taking a chance at the holidays. We got out easy, but then we didn’t see the weather coming. So we’re stuck. We got a couple of extra days in Philly, and hopefully we’ll get home tonight.”

Looks like there’s a decent shot.  According to the schedule board, most flights into and out of here are on time.

Reported by Mike Denardo, KYW Newsradio

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