(CBS) – Drivers and people walking the sidewalks across the Delaware Valley dealt with a slippery morning.

In the city, people were out and about trying to navigate the sidewalks. For some of them it is always a welcome sign of winter. “I like the snow because it’s pretty and it’s the holiday season,” one person said as they walked the streets of Old City. Another had similar sentiments saying she hates the winter without snow.

In the suburbs the snow totals varied from about six to eight inches. The snow ended during the early morning hours giving plow crews a chance to get a head start on clearing the roads for the morning rush, which really wasn’t much of a rush. For those not going out there was the chore of shoveling the driveway and walkway. Joseph Regan was doing that along Williams Avenue in Hatboro. Regan expected to see more snow. “It’s blowing and drifting,” Regan said, “you know you shovel and it blows right back in your face and you have to make sure you blow it in the right direction.”

The weekend snowstorm did ruin Regan’s plans for a quick getaway to Atlantic City but was more than happy not having to shovel the 17 inches of snow some areas at the Jersey Shore received.

In South Jersey, a foot of wind-driven snow had drivers slipping and sliding on the roads.

Drivers had to shovel and scrape nearly a foot of snow before they ventured out. John Parker of Washington Township didn’t mind,though. “I love it,” Parker said, “Snow is great! The more the merrier. If it’s freezing cold, you might as well have snow with it and I gotta drive to Florida today. We’re leaving as soon as I drop my friend off and pick up my family and we’re on our way to Florida. Our flight was cancelled, so we’re driving anyway.”

Buzz, from Moorestown, said there was a foot of snow between his car and Main Street. “Basically, I’m stuck.  I came out of here, out of the office and I look in and I said, ‘This is great. I’m stuck and didn’t have a shovel, I borrowed it from one of the guys doing the plowing,'” said Buzz.

New Jersey DOT crews who were staying in this area had their work cut out for them as they plowed the snow off the major highways, gusty winds would blow much of it right back on especially on ramps and jughandles.

The storm packed a bit of a punch, but with many people and schools on holiday, the region was spared larger headaches.

Reported by: Suzanne Monaghan, Brad Segall, and Mike DeNardo, KYW Newsradio