By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The snow may seem like a big inconvenience to adults but kids know it’s good for sledding and there was plenty of room on the city’s favorite sledding hills.

David gave his two kids and a friend a big shove down the hill at Philadelphia University which was nearly deserted with the students on winter break. His 8-year-old son Benjamin was one of the heartier sledders on the hill. He said, “I’ve been sledding down a lot and the snow keeps on pushing in my face.”

Jenna, a Southern California native, went sledding for the first time Monday. “It’s fantastic, it’s wonderful,” Jenna said, “I haven’t gotten the hang of how to steer yet though. It’s like, everyone clear the way!”

Jermaine Curry had the hill at Belmont Plateau all to himself, but he wasn’t getting much of a ride. “It’s pretty soft right now,” Curry said, “It’s not getting hard enough but just kind of packing it down now so pretty soon it should be ready to go.”

The Freeman family had given it a try. “We just came out about 15 minutes and it’s so windy and cold, we’re going back,” the father said.

Reported by: Pat Loeb, KYW Newsradio

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