HARRISBURG (CBS) – Despite a decrease in revenues from October to November, the executive director of the Gaming Control Board says trends for table games in Pennsylvania casinos are good.

Table games revenues dropped by 6% from October to November, but a gaming board spokesman says the fair comparison is year-to-year, and that’s not possible since table games only launched in July.

At the board’s December meeting, Executive Director Kevin O’Toole identified two positive trends for table games. One, he says, is that since the roll out of table games, slots revenues have continued to increase in a year-to-year comparison. “Even when comparing just nine operating casinos from 2009 with those same nine casinos in 2010, slot revenue has increased by 7%.”

O’Toole also says revenue from table games in August, the first full month, was 15% of total revenue. That increased to 17.6% in November.

Reported by Tony Romeo, KYW Newsradio