PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Who saw that coming? Eagles fans couldn’t believe their eyes as DeSean Jackson bolted towards the end zone for the game winning score. Fans all across the region were amazed with what they saw Sunday afternoon and giddy into Monday morning.

One fan described the scene at a local watering hole. “The place was going nuts. I mean, everyone was just going completely crazy, nobody ever thought that was going to happen,” said the fan. Another fan described the scene as, “bedlam.”

It was an improbable win that nobody saw coming…except maybe this guy:

“I’m gonna tell ya. I called it. Two seconds before it happened I said, ‘remember Brian Westbrook in 2004-2005’ and then when they did it, I ran down the street and scared half the people in the street. Awesome, awesome time,” said the fan.

Some turned off their TVs in disgust after the Giants took a 21 point lead. “I turned the TV, honestly I turned it, I was on the phone with a friend of mine and he was like ‘we’re about to score again,’ and I watched the rest of it and I was screaming and hollering.  We’re on top of the world right now,” said one fan.

While DeSean Jackson’s punt return was the game-winner, fans said Michael Vick was the player of the game.

“A one man show. Everything else, they were shutting us down, their corners were doing a great job. Michael Vick took control and did what he used to do with the Falcons — human highlight film,” said one fan.

Monday morning commuters in Center City said the win over the Giants capped off an incredible sports week, which mostly came at the expense of New York. Cliff Lee snubbed the Yankees to join the Phillies early Tuesday morning, the Flyers handled the Rangers on Saturday, and ‘The New Miracle at the New Meadowlands’ took place on Sunday.

One fan said, “Nothing is better than beating anything in New York. Definitely with baseball and football and hopefully we can get that basketball thing together and then we’ll be complete.”

Reported by: Mike Dougherty and Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio

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