PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While waiting to make it big, a South Philadelphia rock band is making extra cash in a unique way.

The group “The Armchairs” is described by lead singer Michael Chadwick as a goofy psychedelic rock band, “We are very heavily influenced by like Frank Zappa, the Kinks, a lot of Beatles influence, a little bit of David Bowie.”

The band puts their talents into play and will write, produce and perform a song for you:

“And you can order a custom song for 1$5 dollars. You can choose the topic. You can choose the type of song if you want it to sound like this or that; you can reference bands. It’s so cheap right now because we are trying to attract attention.”

Love songs, break up songs, you name it; they’ll do it.  Live or recorded.

“We actually wrote a jingle about a dumpling stand. It’s called the best of dumplings. That’s the name of the song,” said Chadwick.

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Reported By John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio.

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