QUAKERTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – A Montgomery County lawyer charged with killing a man while hunting last month is being held in lieu of bail (10 percent of $2 million that must be posted in cash) and authorities suggest he tried to steer them off track in their investigation of the case.

District Attorney David Heckler doesn’t suggest David Manilla meant to kill Barry Groh while deer hunting in Richland Township last month, but “he took an utterly irresponsible shot at partly seen movement, disregarding a host of factors, which made this a highly dangerous act,” Heckler said.

The charges being filed against the 49-year-old Manilla include involuntary manslaughter and parole violations.

Groh, 52, was found shot to death November 29th on Manilla’s property in Richland Township, where he had been hunting.

Groh was killed with a high-powered, long-range rifle — something that’s illegal to use for hunting in the area. Manilla had also been hunting at the time with two others who, apparently, are not going to be charged.

Groh had just bagged a nine-point buck and had called for his son to help him. Shortly after that phone call, police were summoned to the area, where Groh was found dead in a creek that runs along Manilla’s property.

Prosecutors allege Manilla took almost 40 minutes to call police, although Groh was dead within one minute.

Manilla also faces firearms and parole violations for possessing a number of weapons — no one’s quite sure how many — following a felony conviction.

Heckler says Manilla tried in a number of ways to slow down the investigation, and one of his hunting buddies, his uncle, former Montgomery County DA Michael Marino, was less than forthcoming as well until Marino had a change of heart. Marino is not facing charges.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060, Todd Quinones, CBS 3

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