CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — A fan-funded, larger-than-life-size bronze statue of late Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas statue is taking shape in Delaware County.

Today, the molten metal was poured into molds at a Chester forge and the first castings emerged a short time later.

kalas bronzed2 mcdev side Harry Kalas Takes Shape In Bronze

(Not much to look at yet, the bronze visage of Harry Kalas emerges from a mold. Photos by John McDevitt)

With a 2,200-degree flame roaring, the forger — Larry Welker of Laran Bronze Inc. — poured the liquid bronze  into several sections of molds created from the sculptor’s seven-foot clay statue.

“We made a rubber mold off the clay,” explains Welker (in background of top photo).  “From the rubber mold we actually made Harry in a hollow wax.  We dipped the wax into a ceramic shell material, and yesterday we melted out the wax and baked the shell.  And today, we are pouring the molten bronze into the shell.”

The ceramic shells are then broken away with a hammer after the bronze pieces have hardened.

The sections will be welded together, cleaned, and chased.  It is expected to take about three weeks to complete.

Fans raised $50,000 for the statue; $30,000 more is needed.  If you would like to help, go to

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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