PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Everywhere you turn, Philadelphians are bundled up from head to toe. They’re doing their best to bear the arctic chill that hit this region Tuesday morning.

Abnormally cold temperatures are forcing many to stay inside or move fast as they walk to their destination.

“It’s freezing cold, I should have worn an extra jacket,” said Isiah Wallwright.

Hats, scarves, and gloves didn’t do enough to block the chill in the air.

“It’s so cold my eyeballs are frozen,” said Lee Shlamowitz.

One little girl had the right idea, as she ran ahead of her mother to avoid the freeze. But avoiding the cold snap wasn’t so easy for a city worker who felt the worst of Mother Nature’s wind from up above while hanging up a Christmas banner.

“I don’t think about it, just keep working,” said the city worker.

A glass making vendor at Christmas Village in Center City had no problem staying toasty. Other sellers used space heaters inside their vending area to stay warm.

“I have on two pullovers,” said vendor Nancy Szhmal.

“It’s chilly, but if you layer up enough, then you’ll be fine,” said vendor Carlea Spencer.

When it’s this cold outside, no one’s heated about paying $2 for a small coffee or hot chocolate, because the price to stay warm, for some, is worth it.

Craig Brooks, who sells hats and scarves at the corner of 15th and Market Streets in Philadelphia, says people who visit his stand can stay warm for under $5.

“I’ve got a $2 pair of gloves and $2 hat,” said Brooks.

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