(CBS) – Thirty years after his murder, people still ask me, “What was John like?” He was a man who said in public what he thought in private; a man who was anti-establishment and pro-individual. Especially when it came to greeting the fans. 

He always complained to me how hard it was to get close to the fans. John always embraced people, shook their hands and talked to them.

And through it all, the man with the genius and the founder of the Beatles was always, at least in public, a cheerful guy.

lennonyoko getty Looking Back On Lennon’s Life, 30 Years After His Death

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John Lennon became what he never wanted to be: a martyr for compassion, passion and human rights. On tour he was shy on stage but fearless with the crowd.  The mobs and the police followed The Beatles everywhere back in the day.  But John had little or no fear. 

When the assassin came forward thirty years ago today he had no fear.  He never did.  John would have turned 70 this year.  His voice, music and passion keep him alive to millions. 

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio

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