WEST CHESTER, PA. (CBS) — A flyer publicizing an apparent “White Student Union” is sparking controversy on the campus of a local university.

The flyer was posted on the campus of West Chester University promoting a meeting that was scheduled for Thursday night. The meeting never happened.

The title that accompanied the flyer read: “WHITE STUDENT UNION.”

The bullet points on the flyer read:

Feeling underrepresented on campus? Looking for a place to share YOUR views? Uncomfortable in other “special interest” groups? THEN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

West Chester University says the Students Affairs Committee went to the students who put up the flyer and told them students were offended, so the group canceled its first meeting.

The University says the group claims it was trying to start a conversation about racism and the flyer was a way to get attention.

“What was probably an attempt to sort of create a dialogue around some of these very sensitive issues in its act backfired,” West Chester University spokeswoman Pam Sheridan said.

Reaction on the campus was mixed.

“I kind of feel like it’s making fun of the black student union,” WCU student Jermaine Mallard said.

“I guess if blacks can have their own student union, whites should too,” student Ryan Nash said.

“I just think there should be no white or black, there should just be one giant multi-cultural student union,” student Carly Huang said.

University officials said the “White Student Union” is not a recognized organization on campus.

Reported By: Valerie Levesque and Steve Beck, CBS 3

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