By Nicole Brewer

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (CBS) — With three million square feet of retail space, the footprint of the King Of Prussia Mall is large enough to house five of the great pyramids.  But now there’s a free iPhone app that could make its 400 stores easier to find.

“It’s designed to give you full directory listings of the mall, so it helps you understand where all of the stores are located. It has an interactive map, so it’s convenient and easy to understand,” said app developer Sebastian Pistritto.

It also shows you which stores have sales.



“The most current deals are updated through a database on the external website, and the website is now linked directly with the iPhone app,” explained Pistritto.

Does all that bargain hunting make you hungry? You’re in luck …

“The restaurants are listed by category, so if you know the cuisine you’re interested in, you can quickly go through the app and find that listing.  It also has the location of the restaurant.  It has a phone number so you can make reservations from the iPhone.”

The app also comes in handy in the mall parking lot — just click “save my car’s location,” then when you’re ready, the app helps find your car!

“If you know which store you’re going to, we recommend which space is most convenient or closest to the store you’re going to,” said Pistritto.

Mall marketing manager Kathy Smith says it’s important to make their massive mall a little more manageable.

“Providing such a technologically innovative tool to help our customers find shopping more convenient, more accessible for them… is the primary purpose behind this. And we feel like convenience is even more important this year.”