By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For those who can’t stand the long lines and crowds of Black Friday, Cyber Monday may be your day.

Cyber Monday is about five-years-old and it came from the idea that people would be getting back to work from the holiday and spend some of the workday doing some shopping.

Estimates say tens of millions of people will shop online Monday and one of them will be Lisa, who was on her way to work early Monday morning:

Melwert: How do your bosses or supervisors feel about that?

Lisa: “I am the boss. (laughter)”

Melwert: So how do you feel about other people shopping?

Lisa: “It’s OK if they do it limited and don’t spend the entire day.”

Other supervisors or bosses like Brandon McKay aren’t as thrilled with the idea of workers shopping on the clock:

“That’s unfortunate. Being responsible for quite a few employees it’s something that certainly does concern me a little bit but it is what it is.”

Brandon was taking advantage of his morning commute shopping on his iPad. That might be good news for him and other supervisors. Market research says better smart phones and mobile connections means the number of people shopping at work could be down a little bit.

Reported by: Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio

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