PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After the long holiday weekend, it was time to return home. And travelers reported no problems.

Many people arriving at 30th Street station on Sunday were almost running as they headed for the doors. Others were pleasantly relieved that the bulk of traveling was over. Charles said he had a great trip:

“I came from Boston, everything was on time, the train was not overcrowded and it was all just great, and we had a great Thanksgiving.”

Most people said the same thing, that the train ride was relaxing after the long holiday weekend.

Others looked a little tired, like Taylor Tomkins, who said that his trip from Washington DC back here was a very long one:

“I expected it to be a little late but not that late, we were held up in Baltimore for like 20-minutes, then got held up in the station.”

Most other riders said that the trains were on time, they weren’t overcrowded, and overall it was a pleasant experience.

Meantime, at Philadelphia International Airport, some passengers expected the worst. But most people’s holiday travels went smoothly.

“We didn’t get stopped for the full body scans,” said Lauren Borowski, who came back from Salt Lake City with her family. “It went quickly.”

Some expected the full-body TSA scanners to back up security lines and cause delays at airports around the country. The scans take a few seconds, but passengers who refuse the scans have to go through thorough pat downs which take much longer.

But the security problems never materialized, and passengers moved through the lines steadily, if a bit slowly.

For most travelers, security never became an issue this Thanksgiving, allowing them to enjoy the holiday with friends and family.

Reported by:  Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio and Oren Liebermann, CBS 3.

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