PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As the world now knows, Prince William, a future king, and his bride-to-be began their journey to a royal wedding while at college in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews.

It’s a storybook town with a long history of royal associations going back to Mary Queen of Scots, who lost her royal head in a tiff with Queen Bess. But if you have a student taking a college tour next year, you might put St. Andrews on the list. Tuitions are very reasonable against comparable private American schools. The university, which started life in 1413 is nestled in a medieval setting with stunning views of the North Sea. Its buildings, including some original elements, are nudging the world’s most famous golf course. And the opportunity for a student to travel through Europe is an enticement itself.

But, as my daughter went off to St. Andrews during Prince William’s residence there, I cautioned – no romantic relationship with the heir to a throne. It’s simple. The father of the bride pays for the wedding. And I’m in no mood to bankroll a royal wedding.

Reported By Jay Lloyd, KYW Newsradio