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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A protest over body scanners and pat-down procedures at Philadelphia International Airport had no impact on 84,000 passengers moving through the airport on the fourth busiest travel day of the year.

The protesters, who gathered around 7 p.m., moved from terminal to terminal handing out flyers and trying to speak with fliers hoping to alert them to, what they claim, are dangers from radiation in scanning machines, along with invasions of privacy from pat-downs.

The protesters told CBS 3 while they hoped to convince travelers not to board flights, they had no intention of disrupting operations or causing delays.

While some passengers said they agreed with the protesters, most said security, not privacy or radiation, was their top concern.

The orderly protest ended after three hours with no incidents. Protesters say they will return in a few weeks for the next holiday travel spike in the days before Christmas.

Reported By: Walt Hunter, CBS 3

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