PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In a tough economy, a Hatboro dentist is finding a way to do two things: Give customers a break on dental work and get food to the needy. Dr. Kenneth Pakman says he feels a need to give back, so he’s starting a special he hopes goes on for years to come.

Dr. Kenneth Pakman is used to filling teeth, but this holiday season he’s also filling stomachs.

“It’s really a two-part thing,” said Dr. Pakman. “One, if patients want to get their teeth cleaned for a very low rate, then we will make a contribution to the food bank. And also, people are bringing in canned goods.”

Dr. Pakman will charge only $49 for two cleanings. Just one cleaning usually runs about $180.

The food and money he’s collecting will be heading a few miles away to Manna on Main Street in Lansdale, where they serve 22,000 meals a year out of a tiny kitchen.

“It’s really just a lot of working families, working poor, who need just that little bit of help,” said executive director Tom Allebach.

Allebach says they have 25% more requests for food than they did a year ago. These creative ways to help are much appreciated at a difficult time.

“What’s encouraging is how it spreads. Someone says, ‘Oh, I can do something like that,'” said Allebach.

“When you can do something to help the community with no strings attached, it really makes you feel good,” said Dr. Pakman.

Manna on Main Street also shares with other food pantries nearby to help feed souls a meal at a time.

The $49 deal to help hunger is available through the end of December.

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Kenneth S. Pakman, D.D.S. General Dentistry
444 N. York Road, Hatboro, PA
(215) 675-4536

Manna on Main Street
514 W. Main Street, Lansdale
(215) 855-5454 (food aid)
(215) 855-8241 (financial aid)

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