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PHILADELPHIA(CBS) – The Philadelphia Marathon takes place Sunday but on Saturday afternoon the kids got a chance to run.

As Philadelphia prepares for this weekend’s marathon, the kids got everyone in a running mood with the Verizon Kids Fun Run.

City representative Melanie Johnson explained, “So we ran up and then we crossed the whole art museum. We did it one and half more times and then went back to the finish line.”

And she adds this is the first year the kids got to run past the art museum, ““We set them up on the Parkway; I mean, this is where we run our marathon. And the kids, they’re four years old to 12 years old; they’re running along the same roads that a lot of their parents will be running.”

Parents say there’s a lot kids can learn from running:

“Let them know the importance of physical education and not playing a game all day and watching TV. Get them up!”

Reported By: Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio

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