KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (CBS) — Jeans are the basis of many women’s wardrobes, but searching for the perfect pair can be frustrating for a lot of women. Janine Watkins is one of them.

“Absolutely, 100 percent, that’s why I’m wearing stretch pants today,” Watkins told Eyewitness News.

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Knowing this, makers of ‘mybestfit’ claim they invented a machine to take the guess work out of shopping.

Albert Charpentier with ‘mybestfit’ explained, “It’s all about making it easier for people to find clothes that fit them better, just like the name says.”

For now, it’s designed to help women find the best fitting jeans for free and fast.

Charpentier explained, “This is radar that bounces off the water in your skin. Just like a Doppler radar bounces off the radar in a cloud to tell you it’s raining, this bounces off the water in your skin. People ask, is it safe? It’s very low power. It’s 1/1000th of the power of your cell phone.”

There’s your scientific answer as to how this works. But is it accurate? Eyewitness News reporter Elizabeth Hur wanted to know, so she gave it try.

The sizes it recommended for Hur were accurate, but not surprising.

So let’s get back to Janine Watkins, who was skeptical. Watkins says she hasn’t bought jeans in more than 25 years! ‘mybestfit’ recommended about 20 pairs, including two pairs from Old Navy in a size SIX.

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In disbelief, Watkins said, “Are you sure these aren’t for my daughter?”

But the good sport, tried them on and the result?

“I would never put on a size six, ever. I would pick a 12. So this is pretty amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever looked this good in a pair of jeans,” Watkins said.

So amazed, she bought the pair. ‘mybestfit’ touts a 96 percent accuracy rating and in this case, it turned a skeptic into a believer.

“I came Christmas shopping and here I am getting my first pair of jeans in years! Thank you God!” Watkins added.

Right now, the machine is only available at King of Prussia Mall. For more information on ‘mybestfit’ check out their website:

Reported By: Elizabeth Hur, CBS 3

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