PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Body-imaging scanners at airport check points and enhanced pat-down procedures by the Transportation Security Administration is getting mixed reviews by travelers at Philadelphia International Airport.

Most travelers say what ever it takes to protect the public and our country.

One passenger says, “I think it’s needed. I defer to security.”

This woman says if she new Philadelphia had the body scanners and aggressive pat down procedures she wouldn’t have made the trip: “The only reason I feel they should pat me down is if I did something against the law. To me, just to get aboard a plane to have them pat me down? No! No! I don’t like it. My last  trip. My last trip.”

The body scanners are only at terminal “F.” At the other terminals, if the metal detector goes off, the traveler is subjected to an enhanced pat down, during which the TSA member uses open hands and fingers to search areas of the body that some say are too close for comfort.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio

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