By Nicole Brewer

By Nicole Brewer: We spend an average of forty hours per week with our co-workers. But, if your 9-5 seems more like an eternity, here are the most common reasons why …

annoyed worker BLOG: Office Pet Peeves


According to Hair Balls blog:

Eating too loudly.

From gum-smacking to coffee-slurping, no one wants to hear you chow down.

Then, there’s hovering, talking about your not-at-all average kids, flirting on the phone and endless throat clearing.

Grab a bottle of water, some cough drops … and call it a day.

Next, headphones etiquette.

Just because you’re getting down, doesn’t mean your co-workers need to get in on the groove.

Just as offensive as noise pollution is air pollution. Please do not eat lunch that everyone can smell. It’s gross.

Finally … stop talking about reality television and control your “unique” laugh.

Okay? Now, see what other users were griping about in today’s Morning Chatter!

 BLOG: Office Pet Peeves

 BLOG: Office Pet Peeves

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