FALLS TOWNSHIP (CBS) – It has been a tight and heated race in Bucks County’s eighth congressional district, one rife with accusations. Now, incumbent Patrick Murphy is accusing Republican Mike Fitzpatrick of engaging in voter suppression.

Rep. Murphy is charging Fitzpatrick with being behind a voter suppression effort. Murphy says voters who requested or casted absentee ballots are being turned away from the polls and they are being disenfranchised.

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“They can show up and vote in person because it will supersede that absentee ballot. Unfortunately, they are trying to steal this election by challenging everyone who voted absentee already and they might not count if they get their way. We’re going to fight it. We’re not going to let them steal this election and employ Florida-style, Bush tactics here in beautiful Bucks County.”

Fitzpatrick is calling Murphy’s allegations desperate:

“I think the incumbent congressman is about to lose an election and he’s become a little paranoid, unfortunately.”

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Murphy had alleged there were numerous affidavits that have been filed and he claimed all of these voter suppression efforts were taking place in polling places across the county. County officials are saying they only received one telephone call, they do not have any affidavits in their possession.

Murphy also said he called Fitzpatrick to question him about this. Fitzpatrick denies receiving a call from Murphy about these allegations. 

Bucks County’s district attorney impounded around 8,000 absentee ballots already filed with election officials because of fraud allegations.

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Reported by: Mark Abrams, KYW Newsradio