By Jim Melwert

NEW JERSEY (CBS) – The candidates in one of the most competitive races in the country have cast their votes. In New Jersey’s third district John Adler and Jon Runyan pulled their respective levers.

John Adler, Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s third congressional seat, cast his vote with his family as the sun came up over Cherry Hill. When asked how it feels to see the year-long knock down fight with Republican Jon Runyan near an end, Adler said, “I think when we put people back to work, I’ll feel great.”

Adler’s opponent, Jon Runyan, cast his vote at the Mount Laurel headquarters.

“We’re doing well, just plugging away. We gotta go out and make sure we get that last vote because you never know which one’s gonna push you over the top,” said Runyan.

Both sides have spent a lot of energy and even more money trying to convince the large number of unaffiliated voters to go their way.

Reported by: Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio