PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell and US senator Bob Casey stopped by Reading Terminal Market at lunchtime today to urge voters to get out and vote in force in tomorrow’s midterm elections.

Rendell and Casey interrupted diners at Reading Terminal Market to tell them one thing.

(Rendell:)  “Simple message: get out and vote.”

Casey says that every voter needs to get out tomorrow, preferably for the Democratic ticket, not just in Pennsylvania but nationwide.   He says don’t count out the Democrats too soon:

“A lot more pickup in the last couple of days, because people know that something’s at stake here.”

Jeannie Bonner of Northeast Philadelphia (second from left in photo) was one of several to take photos with Rendell and Casey.  She says their simple message of doing your civic duty was refreshing after a long campaign:

“It’s a little overwhelming, all the information that you get in the mail, the phone calls, the catfights — it’s annoying.”

Reported by Karin Phillips, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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