PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A New York Times best-selling author will be at Valley Forge National Historical Park on Tuesday to promote her new book about the Revolutionary War geared toward young adults.

“Forge” is Laurie Halse Anderson’s sequel to “Chains.” It’s billed as a political thriller that’s set around the winter encampment at Valley Forge in 1777-78 before the troops head out for the Battle of Monmouth.

Her main character is a young man who is an escaped slave who finds himself amongst the soldiers. Anderson believes children take to a historical novel more quickly than a history book:

“People weren’t scratching out textbooks on stone tablets, they were telling stories. I try really hard to tell a great story when you have the episodes that took place at Valley Forge. You can’t help but tell a great story.”

She spent several days at the park getting the lay of the land and the feel of the park to make it realistic. She’ll be at the park Tuesday leading a tour and talking about the book.

Reported By Suburban Bureau Chief Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio 1060