PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With 5 days left, some very troubling survey reports are creating a fright night scenario for people in office and those who want to serve.

First the CBS nationwide survey finds 80-percent of respondents say it’s time for new people in Congress. 58-percent think their own congressperson should be replaced — scary numbers for those in power.

And then a closer look at the Franklin and Marshall poll shows the challenges facing Democrats in Pennsylvania. Only 27-percent believe the state is moving in the right direction.

The President’s job approval rating in Pa., those finding him good or excellent, is 32 percent. And then there’s the F and M finding on whose likely to vote. Only 36-percent of Democrats are likely to vote, compared to 49-percent of Republicans. These figures provide a basis for the possibility of a sweep situation for the Republicans unless the turnout is dramatically higher.

Reported by Larry Kane, KYW Newsradio