PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia city councilman today proposed a bill to close the so-called “Florida gun loophole” — but it was not immediately clear if Council has the right to pass such a law.

Pennsylvania currently recognizes permits to carry concealed weapons issued by other states, and ex-cons can get such permits in Florida.

Now, Philadelphia city councilman Darrell Clarke has introduced a bill that would close that loophole, at least within the city limits:

“It essentially would prohibit an individual from carrying a concealed weapon unless that individual has a permit to carry issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Numerous past efforts by Clarke and others on Council to pass firearm control legislation have been challenged, and at times struck down in court.

Clarke acknowledges this measure could find the same fate but says he is pushing for it nonetheless.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau Chief Mike Dunn.