Philadelphia (CBS) — Creepy creatures of the night…so many legs…and eyes…not to mention those fangs! They hunt and kill, leaving dead, desiccated bodies behind. It sounds like a scary movie, and lots of us find them frightening, but spiders really are good friends in your garden.

Spiders eat all kinds of other crawling things that can seriously damage your garden – so they’re actually free pest control. Spiders don’t eat your plant leaves or bite into your buds or bark. Instead, spiders devour loads of pesky insects that love to ruin your flowers and foliage and fruit. By munching down tons of insects every year, spiders help control pests and keep your garden healthy.

This week, I even found one of those invading brown marmorated stink bugs in a spider web at my house. So, let the spiders be – maybe they’ll gobble up all the stink bugs around here. And anyway, it adds to the Halloween atmosphere to have a spider web across your garden gate this time of year.

Reported By Phran Novelli, KYW Newsradio

(Photo by Phran Novelli)

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