By Andy Wheeler

Nothing stings like almost…when we know it should have been different.

Everything we thought was wrong. And now we are getting stared right in the face by our old friend reality.

The Dream is over. And what stings is, this team should have been better. For the first time we are faced with a team that underachieved.

The thing this Phillies team has always done is gotten the most out of its talent. It could be said that it overachieved at times.

This year was different. This team was LOADED and lost. L O A D E D!!!!!!

It can be argued, that at 8 different positions on this team including pitchers, are the either the best ever at their position or at least Top 3 in Franchise history. 1 of them is a certain Hall of Famer in his finest season, 2 others could be in the discussion eventually.

The fact that this team lost is nothing short of a complete disaster in every way.

But a called 3rd strike with 2 men on with a run down in the 9th is kind of fitting.

And it was a strike. The Ump was just trying to put on a show for the TV cameras.

So now we are forced to look ahead to next year…this to me hurts almost worse than last year.

Oh, and thanks Eagles for today. There is nothing like hoping for something positive to get through the bye week and heal last nights wound and then getting a complete collapse. That was wonderful! Thanks!

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