By: Andy Wheeler

Stevie Wonder once sang “Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall.”

The things you do for the people you love.

Of course I’m in San Francisco, and say some prayers for the flight home, I hate flying. I started Game 5 in the stadium, up in left field.

The Phillies went down early. So I decided since it was cold, and since it was starting to rain that it was time to head outside the stadium and take care of some business at our live location next to the stadium.

As soon as I left the stadium, the cheering crowd fell silent. That’s right, the Phillies took the lead. So here I am with a severe problem. I have a seat to a game many would kill for. All access pass. I could literally go anywhere I wanted.

But I’m superstitious … especially when it comes to my Phillies. If I was standing on one leg and they hit 4 home runs in a row…then I’m standing on that leg until the game is over or I fall down. That’s just the way it is. But I have a seat inside. It has my name on it and everything.

So I left it up to you, my family and friends to make the decision via Facebook. It was an overwhelming display of 2 things.

1. How superstitious all of you are too. And 2. How much I love all of you and the Phillies.

21 Comments later from Family and Friends, including my sister threatening me with bodily harm if I walked back in … I decided I would ask one last person…one that would understand my problem and have the answer I was looking for.

My Sports Oracle…at least for situations like this…I asked “Ofer”.

I texted him and explained my situation. He understands I was inside, in California. He understood how much I wanted to watch in person, how much I wanted to be there…and how much he would want to be there with me. But he had the answer that sealed the deal.


So now after some debating over the terms…because I had to go in for the later innings to actually do my job…which he was totally against by the way … here I am standing on The Embarcadero staring in a window watching the game in the rain. My desire for the Phillies to win apparently knows no bounds.

But shortly later, in the top of the 4th inning I needed to go to the bathroom. Let me tell you…this was a major problem.

What do you do? Do you walk 2 miles to the closest bathroom…or do you risk it and hope not to walk under a ladder or break a mirror?

I rolled the dice. I ran physically “inside” the stadium, in the concourse…but there was a line for the bathroom … oh God … not a line!

Bottom of the 4th, I’m next in line, Burrell doubles.

Oh my God pee faster you guys…pee faster!!!!!!

Ross doubled when I’m at the stall … 3-2 Phillies. I’m not exactly sure if how quickly I went was healthy … or even humanly possible … but I think my bladder understood the gravity of the moment.

As I’m running through this bar “attached” to the stadium to get out of the building … Sandoval rips one to right … ”NO NO NO NO NO” I pick up the pace…I make it to the door to the outside, and Werth guns down that dirty rotten Cody Ross at 3rd. Giants fans are mad … but I’m thrilled.

Apparently, this bar attached to the concourse that gives me access to where I need to go after the game is some sort of superstition safe haven. Ladies and gentleman … it was warm, had plenty of TV’s, had coffee…and was a safe zone. I was home …or at least where I’d be spending the final 4 innings. I didn’t move.

And the Phillies won.

Some may give credit to Roy Halladay pitching hurt…others to Jayson Werth for the Home Run that gave us the cushion at the end … some may credit the bullpen.

But I contend that one superstitious Phillies fan … willing to stand outside in the cold and rain … at least for 4 innings … won the game for the Phillies. That’s right who has 2 thumbs and won the game for the Phillies in game 5?

This guy right here!

I hope if I get to go to game 6, that when the Phillies do something good I’m some place that I can see the game … or at least stay warm.

All the fun aside, I was proud of the Phillies tonight, they aren’t going down without a fight. And I think if they have a big offensive game Saturday, the Giants are done.

See everbody when I get back!