By: Andy Wheeler

First off, let me try and calm your nerves. Everything is fine. We’re ok. There is nothing to be worried about. We are down 2-1. This means they have to win 2 out of the next 4 games. If we win tomorrow, it’s a 3 game series with the final 2 games at home. EVERYONE NEEDS TO RELAX.

There is plenty to be worried about, but this is the post season. Things happen faster now than they did in the season. This slump the bats are in reminds me of other times during the season where they couldn’t buy a hit. This won’t last that long…and if it does that just means that our offense was the weak link. That doesn’t seem possible does it?

First off…there are plenty of factors that you could consider. First and foremost, Matt Cain is a ridiculously good pitcher. The Phillies had success against him in the past, but the playoffs are different. Second, it’s the first game at home for the Championship Series for the Giants. King Steroid threw out the first pitch, they believe, you name it…all signs pointed against us today.

And then there is the final factor. I don’t claim to be a professional athlete. As a matter of fact walking up and down all these streets in San Francisco have winded me in a way that makes me question my lifestyle in every way. At least 6 times I’ve thought either my calves would explode or my lungs.

But that’s not even my point. I literally have no idea what time it is.

The end of the Yankees game (they lost weeeeeeeee!) says it’s around 11pm EST. But it’s 9pm here. My watch is set on EST for work purposes, my phone is set on PST just so I know what time it is actually. If you understood any of that and what it has to do with the Phillies…here’s the point. Moving 3 hours behind everything…as quickly as they did…changes things.

My routine is completely out of whack and I’ve been here for less than 2 days. They left after the game on Sunday night. Arrived in the morning, worked out and tried to adjust. I suspect things will be much better tomorrow. At least I hope. My guess is I’ll be adjusted to the time change when I get on the plane Friday morning.

Some of you might worry about Blanton pitching…but you know what I’m not. Joe Blanton is just like any other human being. He wants to prove he belongs…he wants to prove his worth. If I was Joe and I was pitching the chip on my shoulder would be “So you want to start the other 3 guys and not me huh? Ok…here’s what I got!”

I didn’t think this series was going to be easy. I didn’t think it was going to be a sweep. I thought for sure it was at least 5 games. Now it’s at least 6. Anybody think the Phillies can lose this series if they get it to come back to Philadelphia?

Me either. I’m concerned … but I’m not worried.

P.S. If you’ve never been to San Francisco … you need to. One of the greatest cities on Earth.

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