PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — October is the traditional start of the flu season.  Have you had your vaccination yet?

You can’t walk down a commercial street without seeing the signs: “Flu Shots Available Now!”  In fact, many pharmacies and grocery stores have been giving them for several months.

Jim Cohn, a spokesman for Walgreen’s Pharmacy, says his company gives out shots and the Flumist nasal spray all day, every day, with no appointment needed.

He says that so far more than two million people nationwide have received the influenza vaccine:

“It’s strong demand, but softer demand than last year.  But that’s to be expected, given unprecedented awareness of flu last season and the H1N1 virus at the time.”

Last year demand was so high that many places ran out of vaccine early, but Cohn says that’s not the case this year — there’s plenty to go around.

Reported by Lynne Adkins, KYW Newsradio.

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