PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Former Philadelphia city councilman Rick Mariano has been transferred to a halfway house after serving four years in prison for bribery.

Mariano, former councilman for the 7th District, is out of federal prison after serving four years of a 6½-year sentence for taking bribes while in office.

His first phone call was to a longtime friend, US Congressman Bob Brady (far right in phot0):

“He’s doing good.  He sounds like a real changed man.  No excuses, he made a mistake.  He knows he made a mistake.  And he wants to get on with his life and hopes to be a productive person in society.”

Brady says he spoke frequently with Mariano while the former councilman was in prison and they often talked politics.

But Brady insists that Mariano has no desire to get back into politics, and simply hopes to find work as an electrician, his former occupation.

For now, Mariano is at a halfway house in the city’s Juniata section.

Reported by KYW City Hall Bureau Chief Mike Dunn.

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