(CBS) – Another negotiating session is scheduled for Wednesday in the Methacton School District in Montgomery County, but the district has already made contingency plans if the teachers walk off the job later this week.

The teacher’s union gave notice last week they plan to hit the picket lines on Friday if there’s no contract agreement. The 440 educators have been working for more than a year without a new deal. If there is a strike, school officials say classes would be cancelled in the district’s eight schools. Spokeswoman Angela Linch:

“Primarily our concern is that parents who are working families that need to make emergency arrangements for child care are making those arrangements now.”

She says college placement services will be available through the high school guidance office. Day care for K-through-6th grade will be available through the Audubon YMCA, but it’s very limited and you need to register.

The sticking points in the dispute are pay, health premiums, and length of the work year.

Reported by KYW Newsradio’s Brad Segall