By Kim Glovas

NEW JERSEY (CBS) – The Garden State will soon begin taking applications from certain patients who may be eligible for medical marijuana.

Patients whose doctors have submitted their names to the department can begin applying for medical marijuana in November. New Jersey’s health department expects the drug to be available to people with chronic, serious illnesses by July 2011.

Some residents of the Garden State, like this man, are generally in favor:

“It’s gonna help people and as long as it doesn’t get out on the street, I think it’s a good idea. My sister had cancer back in the early 90s, and marijuana helped her from getting sick when she was on chemo, but it’s wasn’t legal. So I wish it had been then.”

But some have concerns like Marcelle:

“I believe that yeah they may write a prescription for someone, who needs it, but then maybe somebody needs money and they might end up selling their marijuana to someone who doesn’t need it, that’s the way I see it, and I can’t see how they’re gonna keep a better hold on it.”

New Jersey became the 14th state to authorize use of medical marijuana for certain patients earlier this year.

Reported By Kim Glovas, KYW Newsradio

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