By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Home health care  professionals  attended a workshop today in North Philadelphia to learn about the parasitic arthropod commonly known as the bedbug.

mnmcdev Philly Home Health Care Workers Get A Bedbug Briefing

Michelle Niedermeier is interviewed by KYW's John McDevitt.

“Helping people prevent, recognize, and resolve  bedbug infestations”  was the name of the program.  It was led by Michelle Niedermeier’s  group, the Pennsylvania School and Community Integrated Pest Management Partnership, an outgrowth of Penn State University.

Niedermeier (near right) says the bites typically do not cause any physical health problems (bedbugs carry no known diseases) but they are a leading cause of metal anguish:

“So it causes lack of sleep and can lead to delusional parasitosis, which is the feeling that something is always on you.  It’s hard for someone who knows that they have bedbugs to fall asleep at night, because once they fall asleep they are going to be bit.    Or to put their child to bed because they know their child is going to be bit all night long.”

Niedermeier  says many people are embarrassed to admit an infestation, and adds that health care professionals should be able to reassure them they are not alone and advise them where they can find help.

Reported by John McDevitt, KYW Newsradio

Photos by KYW’s Justin Udo

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