PHILADELPHIA (CBS3) – It was a celebration of life without drugs and alcohol Saturday morning as thousands gathered at Penn’s Landing for the 10th Annual Pro-Act Recovery Walk.

“We recognize that people do indeed recover,” said organizer Bev Haberle.

CBS 3’s Jericka Duncan reports Haberle, who wore a ceremonial purple ribbon across her chest, says  she has been clean for more than 10 years.

“We’re out here trying to dispel the myth that people are hanging on to recovery by their fingertips,” said Haberle.

Lucille O’ Neal knows what it’s like to struggle with an addiction. The mother of NBA basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, who attended Saturday’s walk, says she battled with alcohol addiction 15 year ago.

“I was a functioning alcoholic, but I still had a problem,” said O’Neal.

She details her struggle in a new book called “Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go.” When asked how she was able to beat her addiction, she said it took a lot of praying and self-determination. “You have to have strong determination; you have to want to do it.”

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