By Kim Glovas

NESHAMINY, Pa. (KYW NEWSRADIO 1060 ) — About 75 parents and taxpayers in the Neshaminy, Pa. school district held a silent protest outside Maple Point Middle School this evening.

KYW’s Kim Glovas reports
that they are angry over the teacher’s refusal to show up at Back to School Nights, and more. School board and teachers union negotiators are meeting inside.

It’s Back to School Night in Neshaminy Elementary school but this parent says there will be no teachers there. He cites a couple of statistics to show why he is angry with the teacher’s union:

“Neshaminy school district is number one in compensation in Pennsylvania. But when it comes to the quality of education in the state of Pennsylvania, our test scores are number 98 — they’re not number one. So you wanna tell me that you are justified in getting paid number one and you’re giving me 98 in education? No way.”

Parents are also angry because teachers want the district to pay 100-percent of teachers health care. Parents say almost everyone else in the country has to pay for health care and so should Neshaminy teachers.