PITMAN, N.J. (CBS) — A young man is trying to save his aunt’s life one cup at a time. His name is Andrew Noll, a 12-year-old who already lost his grandfather to cancer and is determined to save his mother’s sister.

In Pitman, New Jersey, there was so much activity at 12-year-old Andrew Noll’s refreshment stand, I had to help. Andrew says all the proceeds go to pancreatic cancer research.

Andrew said, “I was thinking of ways to earn money and this popped up.”

It may have popped up because pancreatic cancer took Andrew’s grandfather’s life 10 years ago. Andrew says his Kool-Aid stand is in granddad’s honor.

“I just know he would be very happy with me and be proud that I’m his grandson,” Andrew said.

He’s a grandson who’s also trying to save his aunt, Becky Rodgers. She, too, has pancreatic cancer and says what Andrew is doing is beyond words.

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“We’re really proud of him,” said Becky. “Like I said, he’s done it on his own. Even a kid who’s 12 years old, there’s a lot he could buy and spend his money on, but to donate everything he’s making is huge. Most kids wouldn’t do that.”

Because of early detection, doctors were able to save Becky’s life. She’s been cancer-free for five years.

Andrew doesn’t charge for his refreshments; you give what you want.

“We don’t have a set price, whatever you want to donate,” said Andrew. “People were giving me five dollars. One guy gave me a $20 bill.”

A five here, a twenty there, and in no time at all, Andrew’s stand raised more than $800.

Andrew’s mother, Jennifer Davis, says she’s proud of him.

“When he comes out here, he doesn’t ever complain,” she said. “He sweats, if it starts raining, he comes in. It’s just really from his heart.”

You can still donate to Andrew and his Kool-Aid stand. Go to any TD Bank and say you would like to donate to ANDY’S STAND FOR HOPE.

Reported By Dave Huddleston, CBS 3

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