The NFL’s new concussion policy clearly states that a player suffering a concussion may “not return to play or practice on the same day” then goes on to detail a long list of criteria that must be judged before the player can be cleared to play.

Kevin kolb and Stewart Bradley suffered head trauma during the Green Bay game. The Eagles decision to send them back into the fray will be a subject of debate for days, perhaps weeks to come.

The cynic may believe the team sent them back in the game in order to subvert the leagues concussion policy. This reporter says that is crazy talk. After dealing with Brian Westbrook’s serious concussion issues last season, there is no way the Eagles organization would risk the health of two young stars or open themselves to obvious legal exposure. The NFL would levy major fines on the team for such actions as well.

Let’s talk about the players. The medical staff asks several questions considered standard protocol when a player comes off the field after suffering head trauma. I assure you Kevin and Stewart proclaimed themselves fit for duty. The players will lie to get onto the field. Like a Boxer taking the mandatory count, the athlete always thinks he can fight another round.

As for the quarterback controversy murmurs that are starting to develop, more crazy talk. Who didn’t know Michael Vick is a better option in the short term? He is a Pro Bowler, former MVP candidate, former highest paid player in the league. Those honors do not come as gifts.

They come as a result of lighting up the league for years and helping your team to the postseason. The Birds are smart enough to have the best backup quarterback in the league available while they teach Kevin Kolb how to best use his talent. Kevin is the future. Vick is trade fodder after this season. Now, if Kevin fails to develop, all bets are off. Go get your number 7 jersey.

– BR

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