The top enforcement lawyer at the Gaming Control Board says the process of revoking Foxwoods’ casino license continues, and that the case could get to the board by the end of the year.
KYW’s Tony Romeo reports license revocation is a quasi-legal process where the gaming board’s enforcement lawyers act much like prosecutors, and the board members are essentially judges.
It was the board’s lawyers who petitioned for revocation back in late April. In mid-September, the process is still in the information-sharing “discovery” phase. But the board’s top enforcement attorney, Cyrus Pitre, says it’s actually moving faster than he thought:

“I did say when this first filed that it would be a long, arduous process. It’s not going to happen overnight.”

But Pitre says the case could go to the board by the end of the year, though he can’t say how long it might take for the board to make a decision. And then there’s the likely appeal if the Foxwoods investors lose.

Meanwhile, those investors told the board in late July that they would soon submit a new term sheet for the project but the board refuses to confirm or deny if that ever happened.