About three dozen people showed up for a jobs rally in center city this afternoon.

KYW’s Mark Abrams reports the rally, conducted outside the offices of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce at Broad and Walnut Streets, was sponsored by the Philadelphia office of Jobs with Justice.

It was held as part of a nationwide effort to draw attention to corporate influence over tax policies that the group contends are hurting the labor market.

Cathy Scott, president of AFSCME District Council 47, representing the city’s white-collar workers, says it’s time for the hospital and university community to also pay their fair share of taxes. At present, they’re exempt.:

“Large non-profits should pay taxes for services they receive from the city.”

Gwen Snyder, local rally organizer, also chastised the mayor and city council for not imposing higher taxes on large corporations whom she contends benefit from tax breaks, while the middle class suffers.