President Barack Obama visited the Masterman School in Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon, delivering his annual back-to-school speech which was broadcast to students across the country. 

KYW’s John Ostapkovich reports the President’s second back-to-school speech had him sounding less like Commander-in-Chief and more like Parent-in-Chief.

Mr. Obama, after hailing his hosts at the Masterman Magnet School, proceeded to call on kids hearing him on a national TV hookup to work hard for high goals.:

“Excelling, whether in school or in life, isn’t mainly about being smarter than everybody else. That’s not really the secret to success. It’s about working harder than everybody else. So don’t avoid new challenges. Seek them out. Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

And don’t be afraid to give it, either. He quoted a Georgia girl who’d written him a letter saying that is the way the world should work.

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